About me

About me

Meet Your Photographer :

With a successful career spanning fashion, portraiture and commercial camera work, Larry Campbell is now focussing his lens on custom wedding photography. As an accomplished wedding photographer and author, Larry is fast becoming an authority on weddings and wedding planning.

Why do I want Larry Campbell Photography at my wedding?

Because above all, I create art. Anyone can simply shoot a wedding—but you deserve more than that. You deserve a photographer who genuinely cares about capturing your special day in a way that leaves you feeling like the most important person in the world. My clients love the fact that they don’t only get an album to treasure, they get a whole story told through a series of beautiful pictures. I am also an author; my books have recently become available through Kindle and provide advice and tips for brides as they plan their weddings. Take a look at my profile at https://www.amazon.com/author/larrycampbell and click on my image (above) to hear more about my style, my technique, and why I am so passionate about wedding photography.

Yours is a varied background, so what made you ultimately decide to specialize in wedding photography?

The first thing that appealed to me about weddings was how different they all were and how much there was to cover. From dresses, cakes and bouquets, to laughter, romance and dancing—it all needs to be captured. And because of my range of work in various fields, I have the perfect eye for detail in these fun-filled occasions. But more than that, I relish turning celebrations and festivities into art. Art is at the centre of everything I do. Each wedding has its own personality, and my creative instincts make that personality stand out.

What is your philosophy when it comes to capturing one of the most important days in a couple’s life?

There are no second chances to get the perfect shot—and I get them all.

How would you describe your style?

People have always been my favourite subject, and I love taking photos of families and friends enjoying themselves. My aim is to be as flexible an accommodating as you need me to be. I prefer (and most enjoy) shooting in a photo-journalistic or reportage style—this allows me to get to the very heart of the celebration and capture the essence of your special day. Of course, “staged” shots are essential to reproduce the glamour and the importance of your wedding, and I always use a friendly yet firm approach to organise your guests to maximize the time we have together. Naturally, I enjoy directing the bride and groom’s one-on-one photos as well, taking care to ensure relaxed poses and natural beauty. At the reception, I interact with people freely and easily so they feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Tell me a bit about your post-production process.

In a word, I am meticulous. These are images you will treasure forever, and I want them to be flawless; I remove all imperfections, like ‘”fly-away” hair or blemishes. Every portrait is perfectly colour enhanced and I take the time to ensure your smile and eyes look bright. I also use airbrush tools to optimize my subjects. My goal is to make you look and feel your very best.

Would you consider yourself a wedding budget-friendly photographer?

Definitely. My simple love for wedding photography means that my prices are very reasonable, and unlike many other photographers, I offer all-inclusive services. I understand the strains and concerns that you face on the big day, and I will do everything I can to streamline my work and provide affordable, professional and high-quality photographs in a beautiful album and artistic centrepieces for your home that you can cherish for a lifetime. Weddings are magical celebrations of love that happen once in a lifetime—a “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” type of day. Memories, however, last forever, and I am here to capture them.

What sort of feedback have you been getting from your clients?

I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with some truly amazing people who have been thrilled with the quality of my work and my level of professionalism.I consider it an honour and a privilege to capture these moments for couples, so it’s very humbling when I hear them rave about me. One couple had initially considered just having their guests take photos and creating an album from those, but at the last minute they decided to hire me. They later told me that I was able to tell the whole story of their wedding simply through the pictures I took—something that never would have happened if they had gathered up random shots from their guests. Another couple said I not only captured the essence of their relationship, but the spirit of the day. I think that’s really what you want from a wedding photographer: someone who can encapsulate those memories in a way that allows you to relive every minute of the day over and over again simply by looking at the photographs.

I need Larry Campbell Photography at my wedding—what should I do?

Call me today at +447956123199 or email me: Larry@larrycampbellphotography.co.uk and let’s set up a time to chat about your big day