Chudleigh Parish Church Christening Of Travis And Lennon
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Chudleigh Parish Church Christening Of Travis And Lennon

When my wonderful friend Laura asked me to take the photos of her sons' christening at Chudleigh Parish Church, I immediately said yes. I've known Laura for many years, and I felt very honoured that she asked me to capture such a significant occasion in her twin boys' life.


Travis and Lennon are both free spirits and easy to love. I laughed as the boys attempted to open the vicar's jar of holy water while he delivered his sermon, and as I watched them wander up and down the aisle of the church saying hi to friends and family who had come to witness the event.


This was a challenging shoot for me as a photographer. The vicar of Chudleigh Parish Church prohibited any photography (flash or otherwise) during the service or christening. Therefore, I was permitted only to take photos from the church balcony, which made it very difficult to capture facial expressions or emotion. I improvised with a long lens and shot most of the christening from the doors at the back of the church. I managed to get some really nice shots.


Congratulations, Travis and Lennon!










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